Katy Buckley 

Katy Buckley is a 500 hr. Certified yoga instructor, Yoga Cert. include; Yin, Restorative, SUPyoga, as well as Reiki practitioner, Thai massage practitioner. Katy holds two master degrees in education, leadership &  advanced degree; CAGS in psychology. She loves nature and teaching outdoors. Leading hikes & retreats have been added to Katy’s adventures. Katy’s mission is to shine her light bright enough to reach others. She wants to provide space for others to grow into all they can be! She is living her BEST LIFE and wants others to shine their light as well! 


Sarah was initially drawn to yoga as a way to complement my long distance running. What I didn’t know when I initially came to the mat, was that the moving meditation of the physical practice would quickly evolve into a true passion and spiritual journey for me. My personal practice has taught me how to begin to find peace in stillness. I am grateful to be able to reveal the endless benefits of yoga by leading all level Hatha and Vinyasa style classes. My goal is to share how the physical practice transfers off the mat into daily life. Yoga teaches us how to take on difficult roads with an increased sense of mental calmness and ease. I look forward to practicing with you!

Valerie A Lauro

I am excited to share with you my teachings and practices in both Yoga and Ayurveda. I hold a 500 hour advanced certification in Transformational Yoga and registered through the Yoga Alliance. I am a practitioner of Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage. I hold certificates from the Boston School of Ayurveda and Kripalu School of Ayurveda. My practices include Ayurvedic bodywork, health advisor and chef. I teach yoga classes that stretch and strengthen and open our hearts and minds to what is possible. My workshops on self-care are the opportunities to introduce you to the rituals & routines to nourish the body, mind & soul. Cooking classes to teach to you to find “food as medicine “ to balance your body and mind. When I’m not teaching, practicing or cooking you can most likely find me in nature!


Amy is a kind, compassionate teacher who creates a safe and sacred place for her yoga students. Her classes focus on breath awareness in order to develop intuitive confidence. As students develop their intuition they move more easily toward self-acceptance and contentment. Her classes focus on alignment in order to balance inner stillness with physical activity. She is a photographer, designer, teacher and a student of life, and continues her study of yoga at home and in the various studios on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Amy is an ERYT-500, and has been teaching yoga for 15 years and practicing for close to two decades. During that time she discovered that it remarkably strengthened her experience of the mind-body connection. She decided to become a teacher in order to share this with others and to delve deeper into her own practice. She graduated from Open Doors 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training program in 2009 and has since then completed Nikki Myers’ Teacher Training in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, and the Open Doors School of Energy Healing program. Amy graduated with 500 Hours led by Rolf Gates, Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti in 2014, as well as Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa Training. She completed 40 Hours of AIReal yoga teacher training with Carmen Curtis in 2016. In 2020, Amy completed YogaSix Teaching & Methodology as well as Johnny Gillespie’s Balanced Athlete Level I Coaching Certification. Amy is a First Degree Reiki practitioner. 

Tara Bailey Vasi

Tara Bailey Vasi is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for eight years. As a wellness advocate and guide, she also has certification in group fitness instruction and personal training. She began practicing yoga in the 90s to ease pain in her lower back caused by scoliosis. Fascinated with the positive results, Tara has been passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with the world ever since. In 2021, after leading a yoga retreat in Thailand and traveling around South East Asia, Tara decided to complete her advanced yoga teacher training in Goa, India. When she is not in the studio or gym, you can find her cuddling with her baby girl, hiking in the woods, or planning her next adventure overseas.


I began practicing yoga over 20 years ago while serving in the Peace Corps and soon was running retreats for fellow volunteer yogis. I practiced yoga for several years before becoming certified, something I initially did solely with the intention of furthering my own practice, but soon thereafter followed an unexpected calling to teach. I believe in everyone listening to their own bodies and moving at their own pace to create the best practice for themselves. I am also a social worker and teach in a trauma informed manner, helping to create a safe space for all. I have most experience teaching beginners, mixed level classes, yin, restorative, power yoga and most recently Yin Yang. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!


Deedee was introduced to yoga at age 19 when she enrolled in an alignment-based Iyengar yoga course.  What began as an interest in alignment quickly turned into a love for mindful movement and flow. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA in 2011.  Deedee also holds a 300-hour certification in Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga.  Well-versed in trauma informed practices, Deedee also draws upon her knowledge of various styles of yoga to facilitate classes that are accessible to all.  Her classes can often be described as vigorous and lighthearted, a blend of effort and ease. Deedee is passionate about supporting students in a safe and caring way. 


My name is Bailey Miles, I came to New England in 2017 from South Dakota. Proud mom of a 12 year old!. I teach a variety of classes including power, gentle, vinyasa, Buti, face, and sculpt yoga flows.Through yoga I want to deepen and broaden the knowledge of who you are at the level of your innermost soul, and really learn to love the person that you are. My positive and optimistic personality will leave you in good spirits and able to see the big picture, so that you can spread inspiration around the world.


Marena came to yoga in 2017 looking for an enjoyable form of movement, but she soon discovered thebeneficial physiological, mental, and spiritual impact it also had on her life. She has studied vinyasa yoga,Ayurveda, and yoga philosophy. In 2021, she completed a 90-hour Yoga Philosophy course, which further sparked her interest in the teachings of yoga. In 2022, she completed her 200-hourYoga Teacher Training with Sarahjoy Marsh. With a BA in Psychology and a Master of Public Health, Marena is passionate about promoting individual and community health through the movement, breath,and mind-body awareness practiced in yoga. Marena’s classes are designed to harness the power of the breath and still the mind through functional and flowing movements. She advocates for yoga as a practice complementary to life, that all bodies can benefit from. Having practiced yoga throughout her chronic illness, she is a firm believer in the support that it can provide, both on and off the mat.

Deb Herlihy 

I was first introduced to yoga over 30 years ago, but have only in the past 5 years truly embraced the practice.  Yoga and meditation have changed my life and I want nothing more than to share the benefits of yoga with as many people as possible.  I don’t believe that yoga can change a person’s life.  I know it can.  In addition, yoga combined with meditation can assist with taking yoga off the mat and into our everyday life.  Please join me for slow, gentle vinyasa, and meditation.  Be the change.

Jane Zinsius

Jane graduated from Humboldt State University in the Redwoods of California, where she lived for 6 years after moving from her home in Hawaii. She has her Bachelor of Arts  in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Dance Studies, as well as a minor in Kinesiology. She felt called to further her knowledge in wellness and nutrition and completed a Holistic Health and Nutrition Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a Lifestyle Coach, Jane is dedicated to helping each individual reach their unique goals. She coaches from a place of empathy and respect. Jane’s love for movement and the mind inspired her to begin instructing classes at the gym and dance & pilates studios. She strongly believes there is a form of movement for all bodies, and that movement not only allows for physical growth, but mental and spiritual growth as well. Jane teaches a variety of classes, such as Mat Pilates, Mindful Movement & Meditation, Core & Restore, and Barre. She has been living in Plymouth for 2 years now and can not wait to share all of the elements of her unique background with you!


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